Welcome to Brightsplashes – portfolio of Digital Artist Edward Price.

This site was created as a virtual space to collate lots of different content that I’ve produced over the years within photography, 3D modelling, research/development, personal themes and portfolio work. With a love for constant image creation at home and on the daily commute using a laptop/wacom, the site was designed to house as much of this content as possible!

With a seemingly endless amount of creative avenues to explore, I’ve tried to seperate this portfolio into different categories and keep everything as simple as possible for any site visitors. This is also due to different disciplines/software being used and not focusing solidly on one area such as 3D Modelling. One evening may be spent in a creative burst of editing batches of photos taken when out and about one weekend with a camera and the next day may be modelling an abstract design in ZBrush.

In terms of Education and career progression, I graduated from University with a Degree in Animation and a Masters in Design, Multimedia & Graphics and have been working for a range of Creative Studios in London for the last 10 years.

Currently working full time as a Visualiser at an architectural practice in West London producing 3D stills, animations and VR content for luxury retail using Unreal Engine 4/5, 3D Studio Max, Corona and ZBrush. (Due to NDA and commercial confidentiality I am unable to add any studio work to this website – the site is solely based on personal imagery and development/content I can show online!)

Away from all of the work, commuting and creativity, my world revolves around my wife and 2 amazing children that inspire and support me through everything – a good amount of coffee and a real enjoyment for record stores/vinyl!

If you would ever like to reach out for any further information or to drop by and say hello, feel free to reach me at brightsplashesdesign@gmail.com