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Racing Cars

This project was created from a love of vintage motorsports, particularly from the 1960’s-70’s. After looking at a lot of different cars/designs I decided to model a 1967 Indianapolis 500 Indy Race car Gerhardt, driven at the time by Gordon Johncock.
The car, driver, track circuit and stands were modelled entirely in ZBrush using the Zmodeler tool. The only elements that were created outside of ZBrush are the trees and crowd which were added with library content and Forest Pack for the grass.
The completed work is a featured thread on Pixologic’s website and is showcased under ‘Zbrush in the automotive industry’ alongside links across social media websites.
The final renders were created using V-Ray for 3DS Max – there are 2 versions, one shows the car on the race circuit that was built up from scratch which allowed flexibility with the camera angles and a racing illustrative style. The other version is created using a HDRI and backplate for a more photographic approach. The HDRI was purchased from panocapture.com – a fantastic website and resource for 3D artists.
The isolated elements and breakdown shots are below and they were all rendered using the BPR render in ZBrush.
For any questions on the project etc please drop me an e-mail – thanks!