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AVPhD Presentation

Whilst working on my MA thesis I gave a talk at the University regarding some of the content that was being worked on in my final year. The topic for my talk was titled ‘Painting With Sound’
“…..exploring my Masters Methodology work and will showcase examples of sound based media ranging from visual sound associations through graphic design and art, Software Oriented Real-Time interaction theory. Synced sounds/audio visuals through to programmed imagery reacting in real-time with an electric guitar using Processing.”
Event Information:
“The event had keynote presentations by Jamie Allen (Newcastle University Culture Lab) and Larry Sider (film editor/sound designer, director of School of Sound symposium, and formerly Head of Post-Production at the National School of Film and Television); and a range of papers examining approaches to beginning and developing doctoral work that uses sound and media practice as a major element of a research project at PhD level.” [Source Link]
A pdf version is embedded below giving further information on the day and speakers for the event.