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ZBrush Icons

With so much of my work created in ZBrush, I adjusted the UI a lot due to the powerful customisation features within the software. Through adjusting, I have assigned custom icons on some of my most used brushes, taken from various games and films to make them look a bit more exciting whilst working!


Custom User Interfaces

I have built up a library of several user interfaces and customised shortcuts over the years however I find my latest setup the most powerful and easiest to work with.

The startup UI that runs as default in ZBrush I find very tricky to use and with so many menus, it is overwhelming. After running through all of the menu items and buttons in the software, I have created a custom setup with the commands I work with most often which is shown below.

Wireframe Selection

Assigning Shortcuts


Working with 3DS Max, I have setup a custom workspace and colour setting shown below…