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Multiple Desktops

A really great piece of software is Dexpot (download here) for virtual desktops on your computer. The screengrabs shown are all using Windows 10 and it allows me to have one lovely background image placed across multiple monitors rather than having one image on both. (Another piece of software is Stardock, which I used years ago for animated desktop background and it worked really well.)

You can change a lot of settings within the software for incredible flexibility – for instance you can have one desktop for music, displaying desktop icons for iTunes, Spotify and Google Music etc and have the background image music related.

You can then create a separate desktop as an editing suite and quickly switch to this desktop and only display Photoshop, After Effects, InDesign etc with an related background. It is fantastic as it allows you to keep a lot of clutter away from something that you are working on and only focusing on the programs that you are using. At one point in time I had about 8 seperate desktops for content such as music, e-mails, photography, illustration and design.

Another great feature is that you can play music on one desktop and work within a different desktop at the same time and the music will still be playing. Highly recommended and worth giving a shot for an amazing customisation toolset for Windows – very cool!