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‘On Screen in Street’ Event Sunderland

Whilst at University there was an event being held in association with BaseNorth who were part of a studio residency with Rednile projects in the Sunniside area of Sunderland. Whilst a part of the studio, they worked on the idea of regeneration in direct response to the area.
This area of Sunniside is where the event was held and a number of different artists from Sunderland University exhibited work here. Myself and one of the tutors within the design course created an idea to use live visuals through a VJ setup and projecting onto a building whilst simultaneously projecting realtime artwork via Photoshop. The title of the work we exhibited was called ‘Concrete Canvas.’ The footage shown was captured around the city to highlight the areas nearby.
There was an article in the BBC for Tyne and Wear at the time covering the event. [View here]

VJ Work

Alongside the work for the concrete canvas project, I had created a couple of random/abstract animations at University and became involved in a little VJ work for an inner city bar. The visuals were used for an event called ‘Hellenic Grooves’ and projected from a laptop onto the back window of the bar¬†alongside the DJ – It was a great evening and nice to see the work played within the space.