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Prodibi – High resolution web galleries

The Brightsplashes website is setup using WordPress and when uploading portfolio work, I am constrained by the dimensions of the web theme which restricts me regarding high resolution content alongside loading time and file sizes. When creating photographic or 3D content, I would love clients/site visitors to see the work at the best resolution with the ability to view on big screens/monitors and mobile devices to showcase it the best way possible.

After looking online for a solution, Prodibi solved everything! This is a fantastic solution that allows me to embed all of my image galleries really easily into my website and I highly recommend installing it and trying it out.

If you don’t already have a website there is even the option to create a standalone Prodibi website with the impressive web builder setup by the development team.

Alongside this, the pricing structure is fantastic – the free version allows 100 photos to be uploaded a week with 2GB storage and upto 1 giga pixel resolution plus much more!

“We were frustrated to see how poorly pictures were displayed online despite how much efforts we were investing in optimizing them. We are a team of developers, entrepreneurs, and photographers, brought together by a common vision of filling the technology gap between cameras, the Internet and display technologies. This is why we created Prodibi, a simple yet powerful image display solution that solves all common issues of displaying images on the Web and mobile.”¬†– Prodibi Website.

Using the image gallery allows me to upload super high resolution work and allow the viewer to look at all the details and close-up artwork at 100% of the image uploaded (upto 1 gigapixel resolution!) The uploaded content loads super quickly in your browser too which is fantastic.

There is even the option to send a download link for clients to view your high res portfolio without the need for a zip file etc, which is a great solution for image transfers.

It was really great to see a link on the Prodibi Facebook page to one of my pages using the Prodibi image gallery and to view further examples of the power of Prodibi please visit their website here.