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Radial Geometry

The concept for this project was to paint colour, depth information and shapes across a 3D object using radial symmetry to create geometrical patterns and artwork.
The paint strokes were individually recorded and saved as a series of animations that were edited together into a short experimental film. Working with undo history in ZBrush was fantastic as it allowed me to go back and forth through the painted symmetry and store an animation from every individual stage in the process.
It is really interesting that a simple feature within the software can be a powerful tool to showcase 3D content. After the animation was completed, the artwork was then printed as a series of stills in a hardback portfolio book. (Examples below alongside high resolution versions.)
Even though everything is being created in a 3D Environment, using the camera with a front facing projection allows the artwork to appear as mesmerising stylised 2D illustrations. Examples of this can be seen below in the breakdown video below showing work in progress creations.
The music used for the final compilation is by Tomas Rubeck – [Tomas’ Profile] For any further questions on this project, please reach out to me via my e-mail and happy to discuss anything further – thanks!