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Scott Matthews

Over the years I have been a big fan of Scott Matthews, a fantastic singer/songwriter and incredibly talented musician. Recently I saw Scott perform at St Matthias Church in London for the closing show of his amazing 2018 tour – it was an incredible evening and I highly recommend seeing Scott live and supporting his music/journey.
The 3D model was built entirely in ZBrush and then all of the different elements were exported into Marmoset Toolbag for real-time rendering and setups. The final artwork is created in an illustrative style (with a bit of artistic license!) and a couple of turntable animations showing the 3D model from different angles and a range of breakdown models can be viewed alongside the stills.
There were quite a lot of camera views and wip content throughout the project so I decided to add everything here to document the process and include as much as possible!

Marmoset/Photoshop renders and turntable animations.

ZBrush breakdown elements