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Watch Model

This is a personal project for a watch modelled using ZBrush with the Zmodeler for all of the subtools. A series of breakdown shots are shown below for the isolated elements and development work as it was created.
For the higher res details, alpha maps were used for the detailing work and the move/trim dynamic brushes were very helpful in softening the watch straps. The writing that is shown on the back of the watch was created using an alpha map of the text and then ‘Zsubbed’ into the geometry.
With references for the watch, spotlight was used for photographic references which were placed on-screen whilst working alongside the various grid views for proportion of the watch whilst modelling.
For the final render, this was created by importing the subtools as fbx files into 3DS Max and rendering with V-Ray.
The watch model was added to Pixologic’s Facebook page and Twitter feed. (The ZBrush central community thread can be viewed at the following link.)


Unreal Engine 4

After completing the watch model using ZBrush and 3DS Max – I exported everything into Unreal Engine 4 to create some alternative versions within the games engine. 
Working in Unreal is absolutely fantastic and having the freedom to use real-time depth of field, colour corrections and lighting/shadow placements is massively helpful when creating content.